Partner Feedback & Review

updated 2021.11

The feedback process happens twice a year, staggered as much as possible from the quarterly retreats. (Next round: mid-December 2021)

Each partner is invited to distribute the review form to each person they’d like feedback from. We suggest inviting feedback from anyone you’ve worked closely with, including (but not limited to) other partners of Pax Fauna. We also suggest using the same form to give self-feedback.

We encourage giving both celebratory and critical feedback to highlight what is working well and offer suggestions for ways the partner can improve.

There is no expectation to fill out each question or each section of the form. However, in order to fully reflect on the work and our relationships, we suggest taking your time with this process and reflecting fully on each question.

After everyone has had a chance to fill out the form for others and digest the feedback they've received, we have a feedback meeting. Everyone shares the feedback they received (and gave to themselves) and what the most important takeaways are. We discuss concrete plans for changing habits in response to feedback and set a 6-month personal OKR.

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