Administrative Duties of Partners

At Pax Fauna, we value the importance of shared authority and responsibility, extending even to administrative tasks. Each of our partners is capable of exceptional contributions to our mission, and it is our intention to ensure that no one partner bears an overwhelming burden of administrative responsibilities, thus leaving little room for creative endeavors.

Our best work can be accomplished when we function as a team. At the same time, teamwork requires an investment of time from all team members in collaborative systems in order for the team to function effectively.

The following duties are an integral part of every partner's job description at Pax Fauna. It is often necessary to prioritize these duties even above other mission-critical tasks. Neglecting these responsibilities is equivalent to disregarding the unique accountabilities associated with a specific role you fill.

All of these apply to full-time partners (≥32 hours per week). Part-time or hourly partners may be exempted from specific duties on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Operations Lead. If a partner requires an accommodation in order to be able to fulfill these or any other responsibilities, it is incumbent on the partner to communicate the nature of their need to the Mission Circle and suggest appropriate accommodations.

Rotating Facilitation

Enter the rotation to take a two-week shift facilitating sprint ceremonies. Prepare the agenda document by using the provided template and following all instructions, including inserting the principles from Asana for principle check-ins.

Time Tracking

Report all your work hours in Clockify. Assign all your Clockify sessions to a project that aligns with our accounting system. This is absolutely crucial for Pax Fauna to remain compliant with IRS section 501(h) regulations on lobbying.

Engage in Team Meetings

Attend all meetings unless you are unable to due to illness, unavoidable scheduling conflicts, or scheduled time off. Actively participate in meetings by following the agenda and being prepared to answer direct and indirect questions related to current agenda topics.

Report Expenses

Collect and upload receipts for any expenses you incur. Adhere to all other requirements outlined in the expense reporting policy, which may be updated periodically.

Use Software

Set up and maintain accounts on all team collaboration software according to standards specified by any circle lead within a circle where you hold a role. When new systems are introduced, set up your account in a timely manner, especially when directly asked to do so.

Communication & Responsiveness

During sync time, be available to respond to Slack messages within an hour unless your calendar, visible to other partners, indicates that you are occupied. Respond to emails in a timely manner, typically within a day of receiving them. Check Asana at least once each workday for tasks and updates assigned by other partners.

Practice Holacracy

In addition to the above duties, partners should be aware of the expectations placed on them by Pax Fauna’s Holocratic constitution, including:

  • Duty of Transparency: When requested, inform other partners about your ongoing projects, progress, projected timelines, and reasons for relative prioritization.

  • Duty of Prioritization: Generally prioritize duties in the following order:

  1. Processing inbound messages related to your roles, such as information requests, next actions, projects, administrative tasks, requests impacting a domain you oversee, and requests for clarity or transparency as mentioned above.

  2. Meetings: Give priority to regular meetings over processing your own next actions.

  3. Circle priorities: When selecting tasks to work on, prioritize the strategy of any parent circle associated with a role you hold.

  4. Deadlines: Prioritize projects with clear deadlines arising from real-world circumstances or instructions from a circle lead relevant to your role.

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