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About This Handbook

This handbook is primarily for the use of partners of Pax Fauna. However, it is made publicly available in the interest of transparency, and in case others may find it useful.
This book is perpetually changing subject to Pax Fauna's governance process.

Master Source

This handbook is the authoritative source for policies of Pax Fauna. If any policy appears elsewhere in a different form, the version here is the operative one.

About Pax Fauna

Pax Fauna exists to abolish the cultural norm of eating animals in the United States, by accelerating the emergence of a highly intelligent, collaborative, Nonviolent grassroots mass movement ecosystem to implement animal-free food system transformation as public policy. We aim to achieve this by conducting research and developing educational, informational, and material resources to enable local advocacy communities to seize the narrative about animal agriculture using controversial mass protest, ballot initiatives, and scalable community organizing.
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