Spending Money

updated 2021.03

Expense Procedure

This policy applies to all Partners and associates that need to spend money for mission-related activities.

Any member of the Mission Circle may unilaterally approve expenses less than $500 per month. Any expenses over that threshold must be approved by a decision of the full Mission Circle.

There is no guarantee that an expense will be approved after the fact, so when possible, you should seek approval before spending money. If you make an unauthorized purchase with an organizational account, you may be required to pay the money back yourself.

Circle Budgets

The Mission Circle may also approve a budget for any sub-circle. At that point, the circle lead has discretion over use of the use of their circle's budget. Any circle may similarly delegate a portion of its budget to any role or sub-circle.


If an approved expense was paid by an individual Partner or associate, reimbursements may be made by check or electronic transfer, at the discretion of the recipient.

Voluntary Simplicity

We practice voluntary simplicity and want to avoid overspending or unnecessary costs. With any purchase, please put in some extra effort to find a less expensive option, within reason. In general, Pax Fauna is very unlikely to reimburse expenses that could be deemed luxuries, such as professional dinners or business-class tickets and other upgrades.

Some Eligible & Ineligible Expenses

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses include any kind of transportation and accommodation expenses that you incur when going on a work trip. Expenses related to this category that may be fully or partly reimbursable include:

  • Accommodation

  • Legal document expenses (e.g. Visa)

  • Air, train, ship, gasoline, or other transportation fares

  • Necessary medical expenses (e.g. vaccinations)

  • Local transportation during trips (taxi fares, rental cars etc.)

  • Other minor or per diem expenses that are included in that trip’s budget (e.g. meals, business material)

  • Medical expenses arising from travel-related accidents, if appropriate.

Non-reimbursable expenses

We won't reimburse the following:

  • Expenses incurred by spouses or other associates who accompany our Partners on their travels

  • Un-authorized service upgrade (e.g. business class or hotel rooms)

  • Travel insurance (unless explicitly approved by MC in writing)

  • Personal services (massages, beauty treatments etc.)

  • Personal purchases (gifts, clothes etc.)

  • Lost personal property (e.g. luggage)

  • Cannabis or alcoholic beverages

  • Animal products

  • Fines incurred while driving or parking

  • Non-business subscriptions/ training

  • Personal trips

This list is not exhaustive. Seek approval before spending money when possible, and use the normal approval process for uncertain reimbursements after the fact.

Abuse of the Expense Procedure

Any excessive expenses will be investigated. Consistent falsified or exaggerated claims, or repeatedly making unauthorized purchases with a Pax Fauna account, will be grounds to initiate a conflict process and may initiate a review of a Partner's membership in Pax Fauna.

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