Expense Reimbursement & Time Tracking

Key procedures for partners to ensure Pax Fauna's accounting follows laws and meets transparency standards.

Time Tracking

Please track your time in the following categories in a way that balances accuracy and ease. If you forget to track time, do your best in retrospect.
The purpose of time tracking is threefold:
  1. 1.
    It’ll give us some documentation of what percentage each employee spends on lobbying and exempt activities. This is important because our 501c3 can only spend 20% of our resources on lobbying.
  2. 2.
    It’ll prepare us to file our annual returns to the IRS (and other spending reports for transparency with the public). On these returns, we report how much we spent in each category.
  3. 3.
    It will replace our previous accountability sheet by providing transparency to ourselves and each other about how we spend our time.
We encourage efficient use of time and healthy work/life boundaries. We think ~32 hours a week is a good normal work week for information workers- much more than this, and your work efficiency and quality probably suffer. It’s okay if some days or weeks are lighter or heavier than others- sometimes you’re not at 100% for whatever reason, and sometimes you get into a flow. You don’t get extra points for working a whole lot, and you won’t be criticized for sometimes working less.


Expenses include class, category, and description.
Time entries only need class (called project in Clockify) and description.

Class/ project designations

Please use the following designations when tracking time and expenses.

110 General Programs

Everything else, related to Pax Fauna’s mission

120 Research

Research that may eventually be published, such as survey experiments, interviews or other qualitative research, literature reviews, etc.

130 Lobbying

All work in furtherance of the Denver campaigns or to plan specific future campaigns, including time spent at retreats. (Only use “retreat” class for non-lobbying activities)

140 Conference

Time or money spent attending or preparing for conferences, presentations, or networking events

610 General Admin

Keeping the lights on: accounting, taxes, compliance, expenses, time tracking

620 Retreat

Team building, planning exempt programs, partner reviews

630 Training

Professional development, including time spent attending trainings, preparing for trainings we attend, reading or consuming other media for professional development. Use general programs for trainings we deliver.

710 General Fundraising

Grant writing, meeting and corresponding with donors, preparing fundraising materials


To submit expenses made with a personal credit card or cash, login to Gusto. It’s best to use Google Chrome for this.
On the left side of the screen, select “Expenses”.
On the Right side of the screen, click the + button
Attach a receipt. The receipt must show the amount that was paid, who was paid, and what was paid for. Bank statements don’t work for this.
Select a category that best describes your expense.
In addition, manually write a class in the “description” of the expense. Classes are listed above.
For example, if I pay for printing posters for the Denver campaign, I’ll select “8160 Printing and Copying” and I’ll write in the description a class listed above, for instance:
“130 LOBBYING: posters for volunteer recruitment”
Or, if I rent a car for a retreat I’ll select “8360 Vehicles” and write:
“620 RETREAT: Rental car for St Louis retreat” in the description.