How We Do Culture

Life and Death

We understand our work to be of grave importance. We ask ourselves and each other to live up to a quality of work and conduct that reflects that.

Ritual Rich

We design our culture on purpose. We create rituals to vary the flow of our lives, to protect different kinds of engagement, and to mark important transitions.

Take Your Vacation Time

We know that taking care of ourselves will determine how well we show up. We encourage each other to sleep, eat well, exercise, and literally take vacation time.

Warm, Not Cool

We are not too cool for school. We make an effort to be earnest and inclusive while holding each other to high standards.

Respect the Clock

We show up punctually and prepared, and start right on time to honor everyone’s time. We communicate as soon we know any commitment won’t be kept. Upholding small agreements helps us uphold larger ones.

Relational Space

We protect time for fun, not from fun.

Pro Conflict

Conflict is a rich opportunity for growth and change, and a vital skill for everyone to master.

Explicit Expectations

You have no right to your assumptions. When you discover that expectations are misaligned, renegotiate and move on.

Ensemble, Not Soloists

We function as a team first and as individuals second. We are at our best when moving as a single organism.

Brave Curiosity

Don’t get attached to your ideas. Responsibility for ensuring an open and graceful flow of feedback lives on both giver and receiver. Be gentle and compassionate when critiquing the ideas or actions of others; be open and forgiving while receiving feedback.

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