Basic Ad-hoc/Tactical Meeting Agenda

A flexible meeting agenda for almost any occasion.
  • Clarify the roles of each person present, including facilitator.
  • Silent meditation proportional to meeting length.
  • Check-in round.
  • State purpose of meeting: [purpose]
  • Update on action items, projects, and metrics as needed.
  • Build agenda
    • [list agenda items, or use the table below]
  • Check-out round.

Agenda Table

Agenda Item
Name & role bringing it
Time (best guess in minutes)
1. Request of someone else to do something
2. Ask for information or help making a decision
3. Share information or give input into someone else’s decision
4. Governance
1. Mission critical: something really bad will happen if this isn’t processed today
2. There’s a good reason why this is urgent
3. Can go after mission critical & urgent stuff
4. Not time-sensitive
Example: Marketing strategy